The Triad Swimming Foundation (TSF) is a 501C-3 non profit organization  established in August, 2010.  The central focus of the TSF is to provide facilities, programs and scholarships that will help create opportunities for individuals that might not otherwise have the means or resources to participate in aquatics activities.

We focus on several goals in trying to create opportunities that  can improve lives and our community.  First, we look for opportunities to offer community outreach programs, both to large groups and individuals, that will expose them to water activities and provide them the tools needed to be safe in an aquatic environment.  Minorities are 2/3 more likely to drown than their Caucasian peers.  There are various factors that create this disparity.  The main factor, which we can control, is access to water and water safety training. 

Secondly, we work with the schools and other identified organizations to help provide instruction to individuals with special needs who might not otherwise get quality water instruction.  For many of these individuals, these programs will benefit both their physical and social development.

Finally, we look for ways to generate funding in order to provide scholarships to individuals that would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons, swim teams or camps.

All of our goals revolve around aquatics playing a major role in the wellness continuum for individuals from infancy to advanced adulthood.  Helping to make sure that water is a "safe place" for people of all ages and backgrounds will support our goal of developing Character, Wellness and Life Skills through Aquatic Activities and Water Safety Training.